Spinster - 1 Piece

Frederik Bagger

600,95 kr

The name of the Spinster is inspired by its design. The oval decanter does not feature a flat base, but tilts and turns in a unique rocking movement. Whether you're serving wine, whiskey or brandy, this decanter adds vivacity to any table or bar setting.

This product has been created by using a mouth blown technique. Therefore, each individual piece of glass is unique. Because the glass has been mouth blown, air bubbles can occur. These air bubbles are a part of the charm, that comes with every piece of a mouth blown glass.

Frederik Bagger glasses are cut on a diamond wheel. The high quality of the glass guarantees long-lasting brilliance and clarity. 

The glass offers: 

  • Eco-friendly crystal glass free of toxic additives
  • Handblown
  • 10-year warranty against cloudy glass
  • FDA approved
  • Functional and elegant form
  • 180 cl
  • Diameter: 20,7 cm / Height: 20,6 cm



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