By Julie Elisabeth Schulin

1.499,00 kr

Crispy Flower wallpaper is a true reflection of the 1940’s and the time where the crystal glass period origins. Our Crispy monogram from the glasses is elegantly drawn into the flower and gives an authentic feel of the world of Art Deco.

Art Deco was influenced by the bold geometric forms and lots of colors. It is a playful and yet sophisticated look that adds character to the room. 

The wallpaper is handmade and therefore our delivery time is between 3-4 weeks.  


Design Name: Crispy Flower Pomegranate

No. of Colours: 5

Length: 10 m
Width: 60 cm

Pattern Repeat:
Height: 12.5 cm Width: 7.06 cm
Half Drop: 6.2822 cm
Engraving Width: 145 cm

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