Red Cross by Frederik Bagger

Club 10, 2018/2019

Every year, Danish Red Cross selects 10 well-known and entrepreneurial personalities from the culture and business community to become Club 10 ambassadors. The tasks of Club 10 consist of launching exciting and profitable projects and as a result thereof raise funds for the work of Red Cross, who’s main focus is to help vulnerable people all over the world. 2018/2019 Frederik Bagger become a part of the Club 10 ambassadors and thus chooses to make a difference and is now a member of Club 100. 

The result of this campaign was Aqua Topaz and though the campaign is resolved we still hope you’ll enjoy the glass. Read more about what the volunteers achieved in one year

Crispy Aqua Topaz - 2 Pieces

Gift the glass to a loved one, or to yourself. The glass adds vibrancy and individuality to your table setting. The beautiful water glass can also be used with candles on cold winter days. 

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