At Frederik Bagger we strive to go beyond customer satisfaction. We know that you are quality-conscious and therefore, we ensure high standards for our products, service and our expertise. Our products are of the highest quality and completely safe to use in the dishwasher. We create versatile and sustainable products that maintain their clarity and finish. By using lead-free glass and certified raw materials in our products, we ensure continued clarity after dishwashing. Our products are eco-friendly and exceptionally durable. All ourproducts are FDA approved and contain no toxic materials


We offer a 10-year glass corrosion warranty on all products, and a 2-year breakage warranty on our porcelain series. This entitles you to a similar product of the broken one. The guarantee only covers breakages, chips and manufacturing defects provided that the product is used for its intended purpose. The guarantee is applicable from the date of purchase and can only be used once per product. The guarantee is only applicable on 1st sorting products. 

Any complaints should be submitted at the shop where the product was purchased, together with your proof of purchase (receipt/sales ticket). The shop will replace the product with a similar item without charge. If the product is out of production, we will provide you with a familiar looking product. The guarantee does not give entitlement for a refund. The guarantee on the exchanged product will expire at the end of the original guarantee period. The consumer is personally responsible for any transportation or delivery costs when making a claim under the guarantee.

Was it broken on arrival?

Transport breakage warranty is applicable for all products, which is purchased from an authorized reseller or right here at the webshop.

Receipt of goods

When you receive your Frederik Bagger products, you must remember to check for visible damage. If the item is broken or is characterized by a defect in any other way, please contact the store of purchase. In the case of purchase through www.frederikbagger.dk/se/com please contact info@frederikbagger.dk. If you should be so unfortunate as to purchase a defective product, we encourage you to contact the point of purchase within 5 business days. It is very important that you as a consumer do not use a damaged product due to the risk of further damage. 

According to the Danish Sales of Goods Act, you can have a defective item either repaired, exchanged, returned with money back or a discount can be added to the initial sales price, all depending on the specific situation. There is of course a requirement that the claim is justifiable and that the defect has not occurred because of incorrect use of the product or other harmful behavior. 

If the complaint is justifiable we will of course refund your expenses incurred for returning the items to us, within reason. Otherwise you will have to pay for your own return postage, transport costs and our shipping costs for returning items to you after we have investigated. 
You must always send the return package in sensible packaging and keep the receipt upon return delivery. You are personally responsible for the package/item(s) until we have received them. Therefore, we recommend that you save your receipt from the postal service including any proof of shipping costs, as well as a Track & Trace number.