Instructions - Wallpaper

Instructions for hanging with wallcoverings - Follow the steps

1. Prepare the walls as usual.

2. Cross line the wall with at least 1,000 grade lining paper.

3. Decide on the starting point in the room and plumb a line for the first drop or draw a feint vertical guide line. (Be aware that marks on the lining paper may show through the pale background papers. It is advisable to test first).

4. Measure the length of the first drop adding sufficient excess top and bottom to allow for trimming. Take into account that variations in floor and ceiling level could occur.

5. Cut and number the drops required.

6. Paste the wall, ensuring generous and even coverage of the area to be covered by the first drop, paying particular attention to the edges, the top and the bottom.

7. To hang the first drop, press onto the pasted wall along the top. Keeping the rest of the paper off the wall align the edge of the paper to the vertical guide line. Once in position use a plastic spatula to smooth the paper downwards and outwards, removing all air bubbles. Trim top and bottom. 

8. Paste the required area and hang the second drop overlapping the edge of the first drop by approx. 20 mm, to match the pattern. Secure the rest of the paper as before. 

9. Cut through the center of the overlap with a very sharp blade using a metal edge as a guide. Ensure metal cutting guide is appropriate for the wall surface. We recommend a short edge that is pliable enough to mould to the wall. 

10. Pull away the 2 strips of paper, flap back the edges back into position to form a perfect join. Now trim top and bottom. 


Wipe any paste off surface of wallcovering with a damp cloth.