Eco-friendly, lead free glass being blown

Eco-friendly Crystal

At Frederik Bagger, we offer Eco-friendly crystal. Traditionally when you produce crystal glasses, lead is added to the mass to create the iconic clarity. The problem with lead is that it pollutes water streams and soil. Lead can be obtained into the human body through drinking water and food, which is damaging in big doses. Therefore, at Frederik Bagger, we work with crystalline glass instead. Crystalline is not only a glass mass without harmful additives but it is: 

• Free of toxic

• FDA approved

• Certified raw material for highest quality.

• No lead

• Certified raw materials using pure silica sands for consistent clarity and brilliance.

• All products are made according to strict ecological standards

• Regional and recyclable materials

Crystalline also have also other great benefits for everyday use.

• Can hold up to 180 degrees, and therefor perfect for warm drinks.

• Dishwasher safe (glass program)

• 10 years warranty against cloudy glass

Crispy glass

Natural raw materials

Our unique Natural Blended Wax is created to meet our own and your demands to products that going into a home. That is why we wanted to bring a natural wax to market, that will compete alongside of Paraffin wax, as to date we have found Soy Wax lacking in many areas such as appearance and fragrance diffusion, and there is resistance to Paraffin Wax where going natural is the way to go. Our natural wax burns cleanly and the scent throw is excellent using either synthetic or natural fragrances.

The Natural Blended Wax is created with pure, natural soybean oil and rapeseed with a few secret natural ingredients, this unique blend sets it apart from other “natural waxes”. All the ingredients are composed of non-petroleum, renewable resources; promoting the growth and care of our environment while burning crisp and clean with a gentle natural glow. Enjoy the coziness of the biodegradable wax while doing something good for yourself and the environment. Here are some of the amazing reasons to choose natural wax:

• Renewable resources

• Longer burning candles

• Clean burning

• Environmentally friendly

• Good fragrance retention and throw.

For our Pillar candle we have used Paraffin or ‘mineral’ waxes. We use only the finest European grade of Mineral Wax. Mineral Wax has a low melting point that ensures the wax burns down completely and it has excellent fragrance retention. Mineral Wax is one of the oldest types of candle wax, and is traditionally renowned to provide a better fragrance throw. It could be argued that Paraffin Wax is a by-product of petroleum refining, it would otherwise be placed into a landfill site. Being a by-product and not produced specifically, it has little environmental impact of growing and processing a crop specifically to produce an alternative type of wax.

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Recycling packaging.

All our packaging is made in materials that are reusable. That is why it is very important for us that you put the packaging in a recycling bin, so the waste can be minimized.

We can never do enough for the environment and we are not going to stop at this point. We have a lot of new ideas and concepts in the pipeline, that we hope you want to hear more about. Sign up for our newsletter below and follow us on Instagram to get the updates: @frederikbaggerdk.

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