Sketch drawings of eco-friendly packaging coming

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We might not be there yet - but we are woking on it

“Three R’s”: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Right now, we have focus on our packaging and despite our boxes is primary made from recycled materials, we still think we can do better, and minimize our imprint on the environment. Our grand mission for the packaging is wrapped down to the “Three R’s”: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.

Reduce: It is our mission to reduce the CO2-pollution from the transport of the packaging and from the materials used to our boxes.

Reuse: We want to reuse materials for the boxes and get yourself to reuse the boxes to protect your products.

Recycle: We will make the boxes easy to recycle if you do not keep them, and use recycled materials for the packaging.

We offer Eco-friendly Crystal as well..

Sketch drawing of foldable packaging to minimze CO2-pollution

The Foldable

Completely foldable to minimize the CO2-pollution during transport by the minimized space occupation

• Easy for you to store until needed

• Made 100% from cardboard and paper

• 80% - 100% recyclable cardboard and paper

Ex. Crispy Lowball

See it here

The Not-Foldable

The space occupation during transport is quite bigger than a foldable box. Filled with supporting cardboard with cutting according to product to protect the products.

• Made 100% from cardboard and paper.

• 80% - 100% recyclable cardboard and paper

Ex. Cripy Basket

See it here
Sketch drawing of recyclable cardboard packaging
Sketch drawing of giftbox in 70% recycled cardboard with magnetic closing

The Gift Box

• Made in cardboard ≈ 70% recycled cardboard

• Heat stamp sliver lettering

• Filled with foam

• Magnetic closing feature

Ex. Crispy Love 1, 2 & 3

See it here

The Christmas Box

• Completely foldable cardboard boxes

• The cardboard box is made of ≈ 70% recycled cardboard

• Stackable flock trays to minimize space occupation during transportation

Reusable to keep your Christmas ornaments safe till next year

Ex. Crispy Porcelain Ball

See it here
Sketch drawing of foldable Christmas ornament box with stackable flock trays

We are out phasing the sinners

• The silver lettering will be out phased, it looks good, but long termed it is a sinner for the environment

• The Not-Foldable box will be out phased due to the space occupation during transportation

• Colored boxes will be out phased and will in the future be substituted with boxes in raw untreated cardboard

• The Gift Box is out phased due to the space occupation, silver lettering, magnetic closing and foam.

Sketch drawing of recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging using recycled paper filling


The delivery of the products happens in recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes for the products and the environment.

Any filling is made from recycled paper instead of bubble wrap.

Free shipping within Denmark

The Future Packaging

Only foldable untreated cardboard boxes made of recycled materials

A foldable thin black sleeve for maintaining the visual brand identity.

Our boxes will therefore be completely recyclable, easily transported and recognizable so there are no confusion when you are looking for your favourite product.

Eco-friendly products

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