Breakage Warranty

Unfortunately broke something?

We offer a breakage warranty which entitles you to a similar product of the broken one.

The guarantee means that the store will receive a new item without charge. It only covers the porcelain series.

the guarantee is applicable for 2 years from date of purchase and includes only 1. sorting, and may only be used one time pr. product.
Is the product our of production, we will provide a familiar looking product.
If you just want to simply exchange the item, the warranty does not cover.
Frederik Bagger reserves the right to longer delivery time by use use of the warranty.


We offer a transport breakage warranty 

Transport breakage warranty is applicable for all products, which is purchased from an authorized reseller or Baggers by Frederik


Receipt of goods:

When you receive your Frederik Bagger products, you must remember to check for visible damage. If the item is broken or is characterized by a defect in any other way, please contact the place where the goods are were purchased. In the case of purchase through please contact If you should be so unlucky as to purchase a defective product, we encourage you to contact the point of purchase within 5 business days. It is very important that you as a consumer do not use a defective product, and then promote the defects.



When you shop with us, we will pay for shipping within Denmark. All products from will be sent as parcel post with BRING, your package will be delivered to selected pick-up point. Bring has 700 pick-up points in Denmark. The shipment can be tracked with a Track & Trace number which you will receive together with the confirmation that your order has shipped. If there is visible damage to the package, you must report it to BRING. We try to deliver items as soon as possible and within 2-3 business days. cannot be held responsible for delays in BRING. If you provide an incorrect address on your order, or do not pick up your package on time, the items will be sent back to us. We of course resend the items to you, but will not pay the shipping charge for doing so.