Frederik Bagger

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Frederik Bagger has followed his dreams and ambitions to create one of the most well-known and loved design brands in Scandinavia. Today, he has combined all the knowledge from his early years with his own original visions for design. 

When Frederik Bagger established the company, he wanted to put his mark on the industry by daring to be different. Frederik believed that the industry was in need of a new breath of air. New inspiration. More provocative. Something seductive. Most importantly, something outstanding that challenges perfection. These are the values that make up the universe of Frederik Bagger’s designs.

Erik Bagger

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Erik Bagger is a trained jeweler and has worked for Georg Jensen for 15 years. Today, he is one of Scandinavia's most successful designers. Erik Bagger has a unique design history, the timeline counts classics such as the iconic Glass series Grand Cru for Rosendahl and the Opera Glass series designed for the Royal Danish Opera. 


Della Anayati

Dalshad, known as ‘Della’, is 25 years old and an aspiring designer. He grew up in the West side of Denmark in Grenaa and Brønderslev, Jutland. He moved out when he was 16 to work hard and pursue his dreams. Now he lives in the hip area of Vesterbro, Copenhagen. Despite his young age he has earned three different degrees. A degree in technical design, production engineering and a BA in product development. Because of his different degrees Della can work interdisciplinary and run a design production from idea to delivery.


Camilla Pihl

Norske Camilla Pihl dufte

Camilla Pihl is a leading influencer, designer, entrepreneur and model from Norway. Her award winning blog has inspired women since 2004, and her down to earth and humble approach has over the years built her a large and loyal following. She is responsible for some of the most successful celebrity endorsed launches in the Norwegian market like the leading cosmetic brand "Skin Camilla Pihl", and the long standing jewelry success "Camilla Pihl by David-Andersen".

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