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Make your own FB Christmas decoration

It is time to make Christmas decorations and what can possibly symbolize the Christmas spirit better than the classic heart?

Christmas has a way of gathering friends and family. Weather it is to eat Christmas treats or make decorations. That is why I have made these braided heart templates with some of my favorite patterns from the Frederik Bagger wallpaper series.  

You can serve your delicious Christmas treats in our irresistible Crispy love vases. To make sure your cookies stay nice and crisp remember to get the lid.

 Crisp protector:

Love 1 // 1 piece: 299 DKK

Love Lid 1 // 1 piece: 99 DKK

Print the Christmas heart with Frederik Baggers timeless pattern and braid away.  

To create a Scandinavian and stylish look, place branches in the beautiful Crispy Love 3 vase. Decorate the branches with the homemade braided hearts. Feel free to be creative and show off the result by tagging @frederikbaggerdk and #fb.

Style with:

Crispy Love 3 // 1 piece: 499 DKK

Crispy T-Light // 1 piece: 199 DKK

Click here to get the files, ready for printing on regular A4 paper. To get the best possible result print the hearts on thin glossy paper. 


Kind regards 

Frederik Bagger


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